Shared2FA – Two Factor Codes to a Slack Channel

We help you to Share 2FA codes with your team right inside Slack. Simply create a Slack Channel that receives two-factor authentication codes for members of your team and invite our @Shared2FA app into the channel. Shared2FA simplifies the process of shared 2FA codes so that you don’t have to contact somebody else who received the message on their phone. Save time, avoid bottlenecks, and simplify access to critical systems, while maintaining security with Shared2FA

How it Works

Step 1: Connect Shared2FA with your Slack Workspace using the Add to Slack button above

Step 2: Create a virtual profile using either a new phone number, an email address, or a virtual Authenticator. As part of the process, connect it to your desired Slack channel with the appropriate team members

Step 3: Configure your services to use the new Shared2FA phone number, email address, or Authenticator. Messages will be delivered in Slack for your team to see and use.

Add to Slack

Available Authentication Methods

Phone and SMS

The most popular method is to use a new, Shared2FA-provided phone number that can receive SMS messages, and transcribed phone calls containing your Two-Factor Auth codes that are sent to your Slack Channel


Use our special email address for services that send two-factor authentication codes to an email address. When our system receives a message to the address, it is posted to your Slack Channel

Virtual Authenticator

Using the same technology as Google, Microsoft, our Shared Authenticator App has the the convenience of being directly in your Slack channel and shared by your team


Free 7-day Trial

No need for complexity. Pricing is simple, based on the number of 2FA Authentication profiles that you create. Adding or removing profiles are pro-rated.


$6/month per phone number, email address or authenticator profile


$60/year per phone number, email address, or authenticator profile (2 months free!)


Above prices are for up to 300 inbound SMS messages or voice transcriptions per month. Overages are $0.02/each and are billed monthly.


“We wanted to use 2-factor verification for increased security, and Shared2FA allows us to do that in a safe, hassle-free way.”

Inna Solov, BooksRun

“Shared2FA saves time and boosts team productivity. My employees are thrilled to not constantly need to reach out to each other about obtaining 2FA codes.”

Jeff Ball, Taoti Creative

“My team members no longer need to rely on me for Two Factor codes to do their job. That’s worth every penny of the low price.”

Brandon Checketts, Seller Labs