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At Shared2FA we allow you to access your 2-factor authentication codes (SMS, authenticator, email) right from a shared, private slack channel. Stop the hassle of personal contact to access and share 2FA codes.

Leave the incessant interruptions at the door with Shared 2FA. Prevent worry and wasted time with automatic authentication codes that go only to authorized teammates.

Our app is primed and ready to manage your two-factor authentication codes. We’ll make sure you get the information you need, right when you need it!

Save Time

No more waiting around – have codes promptly forwarded to teammates

Sleep Easy

Keep your systems secure by sharing codes only with the people that need them

Skyrocket Results

Avoid two-step verification delays and get to the work that matters

No More Hassle

Grant access automatically and say goodbye to constant interruptions





Clients are very satisfied with our product. See what they have to say about Shared2FA.

“We wanted to use 2-factor verification for increased security, and Shared2FA allows us to do that in a safe, hassle-free way.”

Inna Solov, BooksRun

“Shared2FA saves time and boosts team productivity. My employees are thrilled to not constantly need to reach out to each other about obtaining 2FA codes. It was also considerably cheaper than the alternatives, and the customer service was great!”

Jeff Ball, Taoti Creative

Join Shared2FA today to reap the same benefits for your company!

Save Time

Your teammates don’t have to wait on you any longer

Enjoy quick and synchronized sharing of two-factor authentication codes
After the initial permission, you never have to grant access again
No longer stand in the way of team members getting access to secured websites
Codes are shared automatically to your authorized team members after a three-minute set-up

As an on-the-go business owner, it’s hard to respond to every single message or access inquiry in a timely manner, but not doing so can be a detriment to your team. Shared 2FA can link account security phone numbers to separate team channels in Slack and automatically process two factor authentication codes, ensuring your team has access to the accounts they need.

Sleep Easy

Rest assured that your two step verification codes are tracked and secure
Assign specific numbers to specific teams
See which team members access each code
Direct the same phone number to multiple accounts
Share codes with the people that need them – no one else
Saving time isn’t worth sacrificing security. Shared 2FA can help you with both. Allow access only to the desired teams through various slack channels. With an auditable trail, you will be able to monitor and track which team members see the information.

Skyrocket Results

Watch productivity and output increase due to less wasted time and improved efficiency
Let your team members do what they do best – spend more time working, and less time waiting
Don’t be the roadblock on your business path to success
No more stopping and starting – make it easier for your team to stay “in the zone”
Team members will no longer have to rely on you in order to complete their work
You hired your employees because they’re good at what they do, so why not let them do it? When you eliminate the need for repetitive authentication code sharing, your team members will be able to do what they do best – work! With Shared 2FA, both you and your employees can focus on working effectively on the things that matter.

No More Hassle!

Skip the unnecessary steps and perpetual frustration of two factor authentication
Put a stop to the endless interruptions –never send or transfer permissions again
Forget the stress of getting your team members into accounts and secure sites
Focus on what you do best, not having to relay pesky authentication codes
Run your business! Allow us to do the busy work
Busy work is often the thief of progress. Having to relay authentication codes throughout the day can be frustrating, add unnecessary stress, and prevent you from completing important work. We’ll take this step away, making it easier for you to lead your growing business.